Terms and Conditions

1. Please take time to read these terms and conditions and make sure that you understand them before ordering goods from Yellowstone Interiors. When placing your order with Yellowstone Interiors you have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. No waiver by Yellowstone Interiors of any of these terms and conditions will be effective unless Yellowstone Interiors states so in writing.

2.Yellowstone Interiors will rely upon these terms and conditions if you are unable to agree to these terms and conditions your order with Yellowstone Interiors will not be accepted.

3.Payment of an order forms a contract between the buyer and Yellowstone Interiors and is a formal acceptance of the terms and conditions on behalf of the buyer.

4. Yellowstone Interiors has the right to alter and amend these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notification.

5.Cancellations/ You can cancel your order in writing,via email or by phone,cancellations will not be activated by text message.

You can cancel your order up to 14 days after the date that the goods are delivered and a date in which the good can be collected will be given to the buyer, Once the good have been collected a full refund will be issued. If a refund is requested after the 14 days then Yellowstone Interiors would be unable to offer a full refund however a partial refund will be agreed.

Sale Items/ Only regular priced items will be refunded by Yellowstone Interiors, If a sale item has been purchased then the sale item cannot be refunded.

There is a statutory duty placed upon you so that you take reasonable care of the goods, failure to do so will create a write of action against you. It is essential that you return the goods the original packaging.

If that is not available you must find alternative and suitable packaging to ensure no risk of damage in transit.

We will not collect goods that are unsuitably packaged. We will only collect from the delivery address, if we are to enter the threshold of the property this will be done by your verbal invitation to assist you in the removal of goods.

If you fail to comply with the previously stated terms and conditions we can demand reasonable payment for costs incurred by Yellowstone Interiors for a wasted collection journey in addition to costs for damaged or lost goods.

Should you cancel your order after the item has been delivered Yellowstone Interiors will collect the goods or arrange for the goods to be collected.

Yellowstone Interiors will charge for the collection, the collection costs will be given to you in advance of any collection of goods however the goods will remain the buyer’s responsibility until they are collected.

The delivery address of your order will be the collection point, Yellowstone Interiors will agree in advance a collection date and time. It will be your responsibility to ensure that clear access free of obstruction is available.

If clear access is not available we will not collect as arranged and a charge will be made for the failed collection.
The collection will be re arranged subject to clear access.

Yellowstone Interiors will not accept any responsibility for any damage to your property during deliveries or collections.

If damage is due to our negligence our liability will be limited to repair, no element of betterment will occur.
6.The Goods/ Yellowstone Interiors will ensure that your order is delivered in good condition, Yellowstone Interiors limits its responsibility to any damage arising from willful damage,accidents, ware and tare or negligence by a third party or negligence by you. The goods are to used as recommended by the manufacturer, any alterations you carry out are done at your own risk.

7. These terms and conditions apply to any replacement goods supplied by Yellowstone Interiors.

8.Delivery/ When placing your order you will receive an estimated delivery time and date, this is an estimate and should not be viewed as a guarantee.

Yellowstone Interiors makes every effort to deliver within the agreed time frame however some deliveries can be affected by issues beyond Yellowstone Interiors control.
You are requested to identify possible restrictions regarding access,parking,availability,lifts,staircases and clearance height from floor to ceiling on your stairwell.

Yellowstone Interiors reserves the right to deny assembly of the bed at any time and without prior notice.
We deliver to the threshold of your property and will only enter upon invitation.
If we have to re deliver your goods due to access restrictions a delivery charge may be incurred by you.

9. Yellowstone Interiors arranges delivery of goods within the UK mainland however there are exclusion zones for our delivery service and before placing your order we recommend you look at our delivery map for details. Yellowstone Interiors delivery team will make contact in advance to effect the arranged estimated delivery.

We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee if you are not at the delivery address in the time frame previously arranged, we reserve the right to charge a storage fee until a new date and time is agreed for delivery.

10. From the time of delivery the goods fall under your responsibility, ownership passes to you after Yellowstone Interiors has received payment in full of all standing charges.

11. It is agreed by both parties that these terms and conditions are governed by English Law.